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Paddlewheel - F-1000 Meters - Blue White Flowmeters

F-1000 Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeter - Sensor Mount Display

Easy to read .35" high,six digit LCD display.
Factory calibrated -nothing to program.

About F-1000 Sensor Mount Display

F-1000 Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeter - Machined Fittings

Battery operated (2 AAA batteries included).
Tamper proof factory programming.

About F-1000 Machined Fittings

F-1000 Molded Fittings

Flow rate from .4 to 300 GPM
Optional 4-20mA or 0-10VDC output.

About F-1000 Molded Fittings

F-1000 Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeter - Saddle, PVC Slip Fit, and 316 SS Tee Fittings

Easy to read 6 digit LCD, upto 4 decimal positions.
Custom calibration units available. Contac tthe factory.

About F-1000 Digital Paddlewheel Flowmeter